Sunday, April 3, 2011

Prints are now customized to be an original for only $500!

IMAGINE.... I am looking into remakes for this 7ftx 4ft canvas that can go for less than half the original price. Same size, printed on canvas, touched up with paint, and can be in your color of choice. Can easily be rolled up and mailed to you as well. Original Price $5,000. Duplicates $500. 

Send me your information and details to 

Wednesday, March 16, 2011


ART & ART Commissions:
For all art commissions, there is a required 50% deposit of the asking price. This is for materials and time and is non refundable. All projects are original for each person and details for your one- of- a- kind piece of artwork will be illustrated in the planning process before payment. 

For inquiries for a custom made piece of artwork, please email me at with your info and details about the project you have in mind. Thank you!

Paintings                        Small - Medium    $100 - $500
                                        Medium - Large   $500- $5,000
                                        Large- Murals      $5,000 +

Photography                 1- 3 hours              $100/hr
                                       3- 5 hours              $150/hr

All shoots include Editing Time & CD of unlimited photos. Depending on hours of shoot can take development time up to 2- 3 weeks. For "Rush Development" add an extra $100. 

Video ART                   1- 5 mins              $100
                                       5- 10 mins            $180
                                       10- 15 mins          $260
                                       15- 45 mins          $350
                                       45min - 1 hr        $450
                                       1 hour                 $500

Video Art Reels come on DVD signed with free sticker! 

Music Video, Shorts, Documentaries, Web Press Kits                      

To hire me for production on your next amazing video send your info and details to

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

"How We're Infected" music video

Moving Atlas- "How We're Infected
Written, Directed, & Produced by Alyssa Flores
Co-Directed by Kyle Mahler, Tom North, & Joaquin Allen
Make-Up by Krystal Ruiz
Hair Designs by Jen Covington
Featured Designer Dress by Melissa Long
Fantasy Girl played by Marybeth Thatcher
Real Girl played by Alyssa Flores
Guy in bed played by Halston Brown
Band played as themselves featuring lead frontman, Dunagin Alecsander
Locations- Austin TX, Dallas TX, White Sands NM

Monday, September 13, 2010

SketchBOOK Madness & Drawings

This is the best part about any artist is the sketchbook that they carry full of jotted down impulses. Most of the time they make no sense to the viewer, but the every once and a while, you flip a page... and wow... your involved.  My favorite part to get to know an artist before they tell me about their art, is flip through their sketchbook and see "what's behind the curtain." This is where the visual thoughts come out first in development with their first impulses, no stopping once you go, and I feel that rawness is like seeing the truth behind the art while it's still in the womb. Whatever happens here is the imagery's best at play. Here's some of mine as well for the pieces that turned into finished art.

Just Oils

I have been creating art for as long as I can remember. "Really how long, as long as you can remember?" an artist asked me today. "Yes, even before I remember actually." In my family's photos are random pictures of me growing up as a toddler with something covered all over me. Markers, fingernail polish, paint, yup whatever it was it got there by me. I do believe this is when my Dad showed me what a coloring book was and that lead into a sketchbook, art classes, art commissions, art communities, art shows, and now a forever long passion of art and collaboration.

I am going on 27 and I see myself as a universal artist who has tried almost every single medium out there. I consider myself a painter of all things and painting is my most expressive way of visually showing the world my tornado of experiences. I capture what the world does to me and I seek more and more artists that can create and bring together ideas to mold them into the next powerful exertion of our creations. These are my most memorable and profound pieces of my life time.

Just Spray Paint

I wouldn't say that I am a Graffiti Artists, I am more so a Stencil Artist when it comes to Spray Painting. Although, I would even say that I am a painter and how I use my spray paints is unlike any form that I have seen. I enjoy the art if Graffiti and using Stencils... but I enjoy the pictures I envision inside my head and what comes out... well again, I have never seen anything like it before. These pieces are done all entirely in spray paint and with the use of stencils that I created.

Paintings with OIl & Spray Paint

My most recent series of paintings have involved mixing mediums of Oil & Spray Paints. I have been an oil painter in many types of abstract and realistic styles of art, but for the past few years was I introduced into spray paint. I first used the spray paint in it's normal form, learning from a graffiti artist, Royce A. Moreosheck who taught me how to create and cut out stencils, and then how utilize the difference in Montana Gold spray cans and caps to create multiple types of free hand pictures. I from there experimented like I would always do once I have learned a new medium, "How could I use this with what I do already in my painting? Can I do the unthinkable... can I mix these two, oil and spray paint?" I created my next art show in one of my most profound collection of art in the fall of 2009.