Wednesday, March 16, 2011


ART & ART Commissions:
For all art commissions, there is a required 50% deposit of the asking price. This is for materials and time and is non refundable. All projects are original for each person and details for your one- of- a- kind piece of artwork will be illustrated in the planning process before payment. 

For inquiries for a custom made piece of artwork, please email me at with your info and details about the project you have in mind. Thank you!

Paintings                        Small - Medium    $100 - $500
                                        Medium - Large   $500- $5,000
                                        Large- Murals      $5,000 +

Photography                 1- 3 hours              $100/hr
                                       3- 5 hours              $150/hr

All shoots include Editing Time & CD of unlimited photos. Depending on hours of shoot can take development time up to 2- 3 weeks. For "Rush Development" add an extra $100. 

Video ART                   1- 5 mins              $100
                                       5- 10 mins            $180
                                       10- 15 mins          $260
                                       15- 45 mins          $350
                                       45min - 1 hr        $450
                                       1 hour                 $500

Video Art Reels come on DVD signed with free sticker! 

Music Video, Shorts, Documentaries, Web Press Kits                      

To hire me for production on your next amazing video send your info and details to